​          KID'KORNER(Free kid's activities~open to the public)


[June 8-9-10-11th ~Vlasis Park

Ballwin Days 2017

​​Saturday June 10th

12-1:30 pm Fun children songs performed by Mr. Saxaphone

12-5 pm     Creative face painting                                          

12-5 pm     St Louis County Library Summer Crafts

12-5 pm     Lowes Home improvement Hands-On Crafts

12-5 pm     Bricks 4 Kids

12-3 pm     Pictures taken with a CLYSDALE from Castlewood Stables

1-3  pm      Stray Rescue Pet Adoption

1-1:30 pm   Babaloo                

2-4  pm      Fantastic Balloon twisting by Leland & Whiskers

3:30-5 pm   Paul Gregor's "A Magical Musical Circus"

Sunday June 11th

12-5 pm    St Louis County Library Summer Crafts

12-5 pm    Creative face painting 

12-5 pm    Lowes Home Improvement Hands-On Crafts

12-5 pm    Bricks 4 Kids

1-4 pm     Pettting zoo provided by: Cindy's Zoo 

12-3 pm    Pictures taken with a CLYSDALE from Castlewood Stables

1-2 pm     Bubble Bus

1-3 pm     Stray Rescue Pet Adoption

2-4 pm   The World Bird Sancuary presented by Missouri American water 

2-4 pm   Juggling Jeff